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by Ray LeRoux

For literally centuries, it has been standard belief that the fourth kingdom mentioned by the prophet Daniel (Bablyon followed by Persia followed by Greece followed by ROME) was the Roman Empire.
Now this long, long held belief is being tested by a relatively new scriptural discernment that strongly suggests it was never Rome at all but ISLAM.
Once again we have a case where man made traditions have so blurred the Word of God that one can easily be led into confusion.
Fact. Daniel and the scriptures NEVER say the fourth prophetic empire was Rome.
Fact. Scriptural prophecy has never been wrong. Man made traditions and interpretations have often well, if not just plain wrong, fallen short of the mark.
When the Roman empire ruled and/or influenced thought and theology for century after century, if followed the human instinct that the empire was the center of the universe. The British Empire fell under the same illusion as has of late the American view of themselves.
History - short of HIS story - is tricky at best.
So how did "Christians" for centuries believe that Rome was in fact the fourth empire prophesied by Daniel?  There are many reasons. When "Christian" scribes and pharisees dropped their pretense and thought they could overwrite the Word or "add" their discernment into the "inerrant" side of the ledger, we had a prescription for error.
A problem with the standard Rome as fourth empire view is where the final AntiChrist would come from. American preacher turned author Hal Lindsey made millions with his book The Last Great Planet Earth back in the 1970s. Lindsey didn't originate the Rome as fourth prophecied empire theory but he did turn it into a cottage industry, a precurser of the Tim Lahaye "Left Behind" series.
Turn to any of the mega web or internet site or satellite tv "christian" stations and almost without exception what you get is the Rome theory. And until now almost nothing else. The great teacher Chuck Missler, an admitted Hal Lindsey protege, was for almost five decades, held to the Rome view. Watch Chuck Missler on his revelation series on GOD TV and that is what you get. Another of our great contemporary teachers, David Pawson, also long held this view.
When all you get is one side day after day, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, that side becomes almost unassailable. Almost being the operative word here.
The long held Rome view is now under review. Serious review. And as faithful Bereans (ACTS 17:11) we are urged to test EVERYTHING against the Word itself.
An American, Joel Richardson (not to be confused with the more popular author Joel Rosenberg) has written a book detailing in great length that the fourth empire was surely NOT Rome but Islam, an inheritor of the Assyrian Empire.
Have some fun. Go to Google. Search Joel Richardson. Look at both videos and written reports. Do watch the video Richardson did with Sid Roth on his Its Supernatural program.
Richardson, who has his own website, has also coauthored a book on the subject of the fourth empire (to be resurrected) with former radical Islamic terrorist turned faithful believer Walid Shoebat.  Joseph Farrah, another muslim turned believer, founder of the World Net Daily web site, also has begun speaking on this issue of the fourth empire and where the final end times AntiChrist will come from.
God bless Chuck Missler. At one of his recent prophecy conferences, he allowed Farrah to present the Richardson-Shoebat-Farrah hypothesis.
These new insights are worthy of your study and prayerful discernment. If you do, you will be challenged to rethink what the Scripture says or doesn't say. You'll be challenged to rethink once again what is it that Scripture says vs what man made tradition has led you to believe.
Over the years, our own ideas and thoughts have changed many times. Many things we held as part and parcel of the core beliefs of Christianity have changed. Some, even many, have been discarded.  In every case, it has been man made tradition. In NO case has it been the Scriptures, the Word of God.
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