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Pray under the tent of God. There is healing in the wings of the Tallit. When the woman in the bible, who had haemorrhaged for 12 years  touched the hem of Yeshua's (Jesus') garment she was healed of her issue of blood. That was the wings (tzitzit in Hebrew) of His Tallit,. Matthew 9: 20-21
Learning under the tent of God
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Christ lives and He will come again Praise His mighty nameAmen
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The Way To Heaven?

Mormons: Celestial - Is for Mormons who have kept ALL of the laws and ordinances of their church. What will the celestial heaven (kingdom) supposedly be like for a good Mormon? He will be a god, he will rule over a planet with his wives and spirit children.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Try to live a good life, virtuous living is the way to heaven for 144,000 of them.

Buddhists: Nirvana - The goal of Buddhism is not to be reborn as anything within the samsaric state of mind, but to achieve nirvana, which is beyond conceptual mind. Reincarnation is mentioned, but it is just previous actions and tendancies that are carried over to future people's lives.

Muslims: If they submit.. fully.. pray.. give charity.. perform pilgrimage when they are able.. and strive in the way of Allah, then through his mercy, if he in his knowledge deems fit, he will guide them towards such actions which will help them attain his mercy and thus enter heaven.

Hinduism: They get to heaven by constantly doing good so that when they are reincarnated, they will move up in the next life until they attain Nirvana and then Moksha (release and ascension) Then their spirit will return to the creator spirit in heaven. However, they believe in karma. If you do good you get good and conversely for bad acts you get bad.

Sikhism: Salvation is attained by living an honest life and meditating on god. If performed sufficiently, the worshipper is released from the cycle of reincarnation and becomes one with god.

Roman Catholicism: Upon death, the souls of those who rejected Christ are sent to hell. The souls of those who accepted Christ and performed sufficient acts to be purified of sin go to heaven. Those who died in faith but did not complete the steps to be purified are sent to purgatory where they undergo temporary, painful punishment until their souls are cleansed. Purification by torment may be lessened by suffering during life and the offerings and prayers of others on the sinner’s behalf. Once purification is complete, the soul may go to heaven.

Jews: They believe that as individuals and as a nation, they begin reconciled to God. Through sin (individually or collectively) they can lose their salvation, but they can also earn it back through repentance, good deeds, and a life of devotion.

Christianity: Is the only religion that teaches man can do nothing to earn or pay his way into heaven. Man, a slave to the sin nature he was born with, must completely rely on the grace of God in applying Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to the sins of the believer. Upon death, the spirits of Christians go to a temporary paradise, while the spirits of unbelievers go to another temporary holding place. At the final judgment, Christians are given a new body and spend eternity with God in paradise, while unbelievers are separated from God for eternity in hell.

It would appear to me from the information above the reason people do good to others is for self gain (selfishness). Apart that is, the Christian follower of Christ Jesus. They are the only people of any faith who by doing good don’t gain an afterlife as a reward. I was asked why I give up my time to go into the prison and minister to the men there. “What do you get out of it?” I was asked. Nothing is the simple answer. However, There has to be a reason why? So my answer was just; God loves you. Jesus said: …Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? I want to show the invisible God and the love He has for humanity. The John 3; 16 love of the Father. My salvation is no more in my hand than was my sin. Through one man’s disobedience in a garden, Adam, man became unrighteous. Through one man’s obedience in another garden, Jesus, man became righteous.