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Pray under the tent of God. There is healing in the wings of the Tallit. When the woman in the bible, who had haemorrhaged for 12 years  touched the hem of Yeshua's (Jesus') garment she was healed of her issue of blood. That was the wings (tzitzit in Hebrew) of His Tallit,. Matthew 9: 20-21
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A Murder of Crowes Salvation
A Murder of Crows, Salvation
Is the story of Tony Crowe. He is living a life of crime. He goes on the run from the law to Malta, is arrested by interpol and taken back to the UK where he is given a 12 year sentence for attempted murder. This is the first book of  three parts. Salvation. buy it now here or look on the links page for a bookshop in your town. Try the first chapter free by clicking the book.
ISBN 9789549250640
Blowing the trumpert of God over the land
A Murder Of Crows Salvation Book Reviews.

Warning don't start to read it if you haven't time to finish it in one reading. you wont put it down.

Hi Tony, I received your book on Friday evening.I have just finished reading it.I thought it was brilliant, once i started i had to carry on to the end. one of the best books i have read, please let me know when your next book is on sale. I hope you and family are well. good luck in all your plans for the future.
Joe & family.

Good read,brought back memories,looking forward to the next book.

Just read the book in one sitting. Waiting for book 2 now get typing dad xxx
Shelley Crowe

Just to let you know I've only read 4 books in my life time and can't wait to read your next one. Well done Tony, pleased everything's going great for you both.

Just read Tony's book fantastic!!!! tell him to hurry up with the next one, can't wait! loads of people in the pub want to borrow it, I've told them to buy their own x

just got the book through post this mornin, read full book in a oner,what a read love it,well done tony, also thanx to jaffa for getting the book to me,any more books put me down for one.

Have to say Tony really enjoyed listening to you at Calvary, Grimsby. Your book is fab and will be putting it on church shelf for everyone to read when finished. Would like to help more from here in England, don't know how but will pray and leave it to the Lord. We have so much in common in our understanding of the jewish roots of Christianity i just wish i hadn't had to leave for work so we could have shared more. God bless you both and Rita, hope your cold is better much love in Christ's name.
Mark x
A Murder of Crows Salvation
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Well books finished and to say i enjoyed it does not feel the right term of phrase to use, it gives me great delight to know how happy you both are with each other.. every cloud and all that.. certainly making me think about things in my life and the anger i have about it... now i can sleep x